2-on-2 teams of autonomous mobile robots play
in a highly dynamic environment,
tracking a special light-emitting ball
in an enclosed, landmarked field

RoboCupJunior General Rules

  • Team Size

    Since RoboCupJunior embraces teamwork and collaboration among team members, a team should have more than one member to form a RoboCupJunior team to participate in the International event.

    A team member(s) and/or robot(s) cannot be shared between teams.

  • Robot Communication

    Robots are not allowed to use any kind of communication during game play unless the communication between two robots is via bluetooth class 2 or class 3 (range shorter than 20 meters) or via ZigBee. Teams are responsible for their communication. The availability of frequencies cannot be guaranteed.

    updated: 3-feb-2015/eguchi
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